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Collection: Sculptures

Walk-on beach souvenirs. Wood, wire. 9x9.5x4"
Four hooked forms. Wood, paper. 9.75x11x3"
White dog. Paper mache on wire armature, paper, thread. 10.5x7x4". SOLD
Line of abstract forms. Wood, paper. 10x19x4.25"
Abstract forest. Wood, paper. 12.5x13x9"
Power station. Wood, paper. 11x15.6.5"
Figure with beachball. Paper mache on wire armature, wood. 10.5x7x4.5"
Organic isosceles triangle. Wood, paper. 12x10.75x5"
Pinecone on painted base. Wood, paper. 8.5x6x3"
Pinecone on Aztec base. Wood, paper. 7x3.5x3.5"
Oval forest fragment. Wood, paper. 11x7x5.5"
Forest fragment with horns. Wood, paper, acrylic paint. 11.5x10x5.5"
Head of Pocahontas. Antique plaster fragment, wood, wire. 6.75x3.5x3.5"
Head of Pocahontas, side view. Antique plaster fragment, wire, wood. 6.75x3.5x3.5"
Gold disk with star form. Metal tray, paper, cardboard, acrylic paint. 16" circumference
Shield for forest warrior. Corrugated cardboard and paper on recycled metal cable antenna. 20.5x25x2.5".
Distal femur fragment. Wood, metal. 6.5x3.5x3"
Kidney form with fissure. Wood, paper. 10x4.5x3.5"
Bird in flight. Wood, paper. 6.75x7.5x4"
Unicorn skull. Wood, paper. 9.5x5x3.5"
Guard dog. Paper clay. 1.5x5"
Four hooks with springs. Wood, paper, metal. 9.75x11x3"
Forest fossil. Paper, wood. 8x12.5x6"
Tree with broken heart. Wood, paper. 12x10x5"
Cranium. Wood, paper. 8x4.75x3.25".
Bird on a wire. Wood, paper, metal. 10x4.75x3.75"
Four wrapped forms. Wood, paper, metal. 12x13x5.25"
Five baby pinecones. 8.5x11x3.25". Wood, paper, metal
City of the future. Wood, paper, metal, ink. 10.5x14x5"
Half pine cone. Wood, paper, metal. 8x3.5x3.5"
Open pine cone. Wood, metal, paper. 8x4.25x3.5"
Five wrapped forms. Wood, paper. 10x11.5x4a.25"
Big fish in a small pond Wood, paper. 8.5x9x6.5"
Convocation 12x19x7" Wood, paper
Happy dachshund Paper mâché, wood, wire (SOLD)
Four clay forms 9x10.75x3" Paper clay, wire, wood
Five flying fish/ Blue 10.5x7.5x2` Cardboard, paper wood wire, acrylic paint
Five flying fish/ Red 10.75x7.5x2` Cardboard, paper, wire wood, acrylic paint
Five flying fish/ Black 11x8x2.5` Cardboard, paper, wire, wood, acrylic paint
Wingspan. Wood, wire, paper. 7x3x2.5"
Sea Ranch studio (converted 2 car garage, with guest room above).
Five flying fish/Yellow. Cardboard, paper, wood, wire, acrylic. 11.5x2"
Five flying fish/ Green


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