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Horsepower equation. Acrylic on canvas. 41x41"
Dubuffet. Acrylic on canvas. 42x40". SOLD
Garment district open studio 2015
Blue and black curves. Acrylic on canvas. 46x44". SOLD
Blue Willow. Acrylic on canvas. 64x36"
Pink fun. Acrylic on grommeted canvas. 38.5x49"
What does today look like? Acrylic on canvas. 68x52"
57 Thunderbird. Acrylic on canvas. 52x28". Painted over.
The prince of peace. Acrylic on grommeted canvas. 48x40"
Black fizz. Acrylic on grommeted canvas. 50x40"
Pink fizz. Acrylic on grommeted canvas. 50x40"
Blue fizz. Acrylic on grommeted canvas. 50x39"
The age of anxiety. Acrylic/canvas. 68x50".
68 Jay Street #4. Acrylic/canvas. 58x42"
A vision on the subway. Acrylic on canvas. 52xz28"
Science experiment. Acrylic on grommeted canvas. 50x40". SOLD
Fifty nine cents. Acrylic on grommeted canvas. 50x39". SOLD
Angry face. Acrylic/canvas. 68x52". Painted over.
Y chromosome. Acrylic/canvas. 46x46". SOLD
Copenhagen 1962. Acrylic/canvas. 38x42"
Shape. Acrylic/canvas. 42x58"
Clown king. Acrylic/canvas. 26x20". SOLD
I discuss painting with visitor to 2015 Garment district open studios
ESP. Acrylic on canvas. 44x42". Painted over
My painting "Age of anxiety" on display in W. 38th St. window
Green branch. Acrylic/canvas. 36x18"
Four foot flowers. Acrylic/canvas. 48x48
Green arc grid. Acrylic/canvas. 39x40"
Flower box. Acrylic/canvas. 52x28"
Blue arc and hemisphere. Acrylic/canvas. 54x28"
San Francisco summer. Acrylic/canvas. 52x28"
Revolution. Acrylic/canvas. 54x28"
Modern angel. Acrylic/canvas. 54x28".
Stars and dots. Acrylic/canvas. 36x64"
A swimming pool in San Marino. Acrylic/canvas. 64x36". Painted over.
A beach towel in Santa Monica. Acrylic/canvas. 64x36". SOLD
Green arc and hemisphere. Acrylic/canvas. 54x28"
Light blue cookie. Acrylic/canvas. 48x52"
68 Jay St. #1. Acrylic/canvas. 58x42"
Nine Greek vases. Acrylic/canvas. 64x48"
Pink griffon. Acrylic/canvas. 64x48". Painted over.
Rounded form three times/blue. Acrylic/canvas. 48x40 SOLD 48x40"
Midwinter in midtown. Acrylic/canvas. 64x36". Painted over.
Self portrait. Acrylic/canvas. 68x52. Painted over.
Rounded form three times/green. Acrylic/canvas. 40x48". SOLD
New painting of the 20th century. Acrylic on canvas. 64x36". Painted over.
Arc grid/yellow gray. Acrylic/canvas. 36x37"
Renewable energy. Acrylic/canvas. 35x36"
Sprouted avocado seeds. Acrylic/canvas. Diptych. Each panel 52x31". Horizontal installation, Brooklyn.
Multicolor Kelly #2. Acrylic/canvas. 45x43"
Intervention. Acrylic/canvas. 38x36"
Sea ranch #1. Acrylic/canvas. 36x36"
Sea ranch #2. Acrylic/canvas. 36x36" .
Sea ranch #3. Acrylic/canvas. 32x32".
Black pegasus. Acrylic/canvas. 34x32"
Matisse and company. Acrylic/canvas. 43x36"
Greek archer. Acrylic/canvas. 64x52. Painted over.
Sea Ranch #4 blue/red. Acrylic/canvas. 28x28"
Three black palms. Acrylic /canvas. 52x68". SOLD
315 W 39th artists and myself before spring group show
White letters, lime green ground. Acrylic on grommeted canvas. 49x40"
Green butterfly. Acrylic on grommeted canvas. SOLD
Two stacked forms/White on blue Acrylic/canvas. 52x28" Painted over
Homage to E. Kelly/ Blue & white. Acrylic/canvas 45x43" Painted over
Homage to E. Kelly/ Multicolor Acrylic/canvas 45x43". SOLD
Homage to E. Kelly/ Green & black 45x43". SOLD
Brooklyn pastoral. Acrylic/canvas. 64x50". Painted over
Las Vegas grid. Acrylic/canvas. SOLD
Nine capital letters. Acrylic on grommeted canvas. 48.5x40.5"
First Manhattan studio 25 W 37th St. 6th floor
68 Jay St. #2. Acrylic/canvas 58x42" Painted over
Open studio 2016 Garment District
GMO flower. Acrylic/canvas. 36x25"
East view from studio window, 315 W. 39th St. NYC
View south from studio, 315 W. 39th St. NYC
Studio work table 315 W.39th NYC
Silly green face Acrylic/canvas 68x52" Painted over
Blue mermaid. Acrylic on unstretched canvas. 42x22.5"
Sprouted avocado seeds. Acrylic on canvas. Diptych. Each panel 52x31". Vertical installation, Sea Ranch
Poster for Brett Wesley solo exhibition.
Roof of studio 25 W. 37th St
View south from 25W. 37th St. roof
Shape installed in Brooklyn apartment
Sprouted avocado seeds in Sea Ranch
Ad for Sea Ranch Studio
Ad for Sea Ranch Studio


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